Chest Liposuction for Gynecomastia

Many teenage males and adult men are embarrassed about their full chests that have the appearance of women’s breasts. This can be the focus of teasing from others, and can have a devastating effect on an individual’s self-esteem.

Fortunately, a gynecomastia reduction can often be addressed with chest liposuction in Richmond with our team. Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin are liposuction specialists who can help patients stop hiding their body and feel confident to show it off.

What Causes Male Breasts?

So why exactly does this issue happen in the first place? What causes a male’s chest to resemble a female breast shape?

The cause will depend on whether the patient’s condition is due to excessive fat or whether it’s due to glandular tissue.

Here are some of the known causes of male breast development:

  • Hormonal disorders
  • Biogenetics
  • Medication
  • Anabolic steroid use
  • Chronic liver or kidney disease
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Obesity

Your Chest Liposuction Consultation

During your chest liposuction consultation, Dr. Sundin will determine whether your condition is being caused by excessive chest fat or a glandular tissue. If your issue is glandular-based, there is often an underlying hormonal cause such as a hormone imbalance. This will mean that you cannot receive liposuction for your chest, because glandular tissue is too fibrous for liposuction. If your issue is chest fat, however, there is not a medical problem, and this cosmetic issue can be treated with chest liposuction.

Dr. Sundin will carefully assess your body as well as your tissue characteristics. Any questions or concerns you may have can also be brought up during your consultation for chest liposuction in Richmond.

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The Male Chest Liposuction Procedure

Before Dr. Sundin begins your chest liposuction procedure, you will be photographed and diagrams will be made on the areas to be treated.

Small incisions will be made for a long, hollow tube called a cannula to be inserted. This cannula will move back and forth underneath your skin, working to break up the fatty tissue and suction it out of your body.

Chest Liposuction in Richmond

Chest Liposuction Professionals

It’s time to stop being emotionally distressed about your male breasts and hiding your body. Your embarrassment can be turned into confidence.

Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin are liposuction experts with stellar training and many years of experience. They provide the safest procedures possible and have helped hundreds of patients regain their confidence.

If you’re interested in a chest liposuction procedure, please contact the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery. We will be more than happy to give you more information or schedule a consultation for you.

Chest Liposuction FAQ

Does chest liposuction leave visible scars?

Chest liposuction typically involves small incisions that result in minimal scarring, which fades over time and becomes less noticeable.

Can chest liposuction improve muscle definition?

While chest liposuction can remove excess fat and enhance the appearance of the chest, it does not directly improve muscle definition.

Are the results of chest liposuction permanent?

The results of chest liposuction can be long-lasting, but maintaining a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle are important factors in preserving the outcome.

How soon can I see results after chest liposuction for gynecomastia?

Visible results after chest liposuction for gynecomastia can typically be seen within a few weeks, but final outcomes may take several months as swelling subsides.

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