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What is laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction is a technique used to reduce fat and tighten the skin, improving anywhere on the body where there is excess fatty deposits. It uses laser energy that has a high specificity to fat, and is able to tighten the skin by warming up the collagen from beneath the skin.

The most common areas that are treated using laser liposuction in Richmond are the abdomen, neck, thighs, arms, and male chest, but this procedure can also be used to improve more fibrous areas including the flanks and bra fat. Laser liposuction is also very helpful in many revision cases where the skin has become uneven or fat is difficult to penetrate.

To learn more about laser lipo, call our office or continue reading for more information.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Liposuction?

Many patients who have had laser lipo in Northern Virginia appreciate it because it is a minimally invasive procedure that has almost none of the side effects that come with having traditional liposuction done. Bruising, swelling, and pain are greatly reduced. Other benefits of laser liposuction include:

  • Can be performed on older patients
  • The laser allows visual guidance for the doctor
  • Can be performed with local anesthesia
  • Easier fat removal
  • Skin is tightened and toned
  • Even the most stubborn fat can be treated
  • Little to no downtime involved
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Am I a candidate for laser liposuction?

Ideal candidates would like to tighten loose skin and remove stubborn fat pockets. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • You are within 20 pounds of your ideal body weight
  • You are generally in good health
  • You have mild or moderately loose skin (not excessively loose)
  • You have stubborn fat pockets you would like to reduce

What Happens During the Laser Liposuction Procedure?

Before your Richmond laser liposuction session begins, the areas that are being treated will be marked. This will serve as a topographic map for the doctor.

Local tumescent anesthesia will be used to keep you comfortable. A small incision will be made near the treatment site, and this incision will serve to allow access for both the anesthetic and the cannula.

The cannula, which houses the laser, will be inserted to heat the fat that is being removed. The cannula moves up and down in a very gentle motion as the fat melts and collagen is stimulated. The cannula then suctions the melted fat away and out of the body.

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More Information on Laser Liposuction

If you’re interested in laser lipo in the Northern Virginia area, please contact our office to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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