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What is Renuvion J Plasma Skin Tightening?

One of the most exciting developments in non-surgical aesthetics is Renuvion J-Plasma. This helium-based treatment is used in conjunction with liposuction, and is extremely effective for tightening the skin, removing lines and wrinkles, and improving surface abnormalities. It targets sun damage, wrinkles, discoloration, and other conditions that may be difficult to correct with other procedures.

Renuvion Cosmetic Technology

At the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, we are very pleased to offer our patients J-Plasma body contouring in Richmond. Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin have been extensively trained in the groundbreaking J-Plazty technique for body and facial skin tightening, which was developed by Dr. Jack Zamora.

If you’d like to learn more about Renuvion in Washington DC or Northern Virginia, please call us at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery or continue reading for more information.

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How Do Renuvion J-Plasma Treatments Work?

Renuvion J-Plasma uses the latest technology to stream helium plasma right underneath the skin. This may sound strange, but the results are truly outstanding. Using a helium beam at the end of the cannula, the helium plasma (which is heated to a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit) touches the tissue underneath the skin, causing it to immediately contract and stimulate the growth of new collagen—even in areas where collagen production has slowed down dramatically.

Whether you’re looking for J Plasma in Washington DC or Northern Virginia, Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin will be more than happy to answer all your questions about this groundbreaking treatment.

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Renuvion J-Plasma Testimonial

*Individual results may vary

J-Plasma for Skin

If you’re looking for J Plasma skin tightening in Richmond or any other type of skin treatment for your problem areas, J-Plasma is especially effective. Renuvion J-Plasma can significantly improve:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin discoloration
  • Textural problems
  • Skin irregularities
  • Dull complexion
  • Crepe-like skin
  • Freckles
  • Collagen loss

One of the best things about the J-Plasma process is that the helium plasma stream reaches only 100 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, unlike lasers that often reach up to 600 degrees. This lower-level heat is particularly effective for treating crepe-like skin or areas with very thin skin where collagen production is minimal.

After the procedure, as the skin begins to regenerate, patients will notice an improvement in the texture and brightness of their skin. This will freshen up your appearance and help you maintain a youthful look for years to come.

J-Plasma for the Body

Patients who seek Renuvion J-Plasma in Northern Virginia are typically individuals who have skin laxity they want to remove, but do not want surgery or scars. J-Plasma is an outstanding treatment that can get 50%-80% of what a surgery can achieve.

There are many skin rejuvenation treatments available that claim to trigger collagen production, but J-Plasma truly does this, beautifully and safely. Nothing compares to the technology or effect that J-Plasma utilizes to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin’s layers.

Whether you’re looking for J Plasma body contouring in Northern Virginia or Washington DC, Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin will be more than happy to meet with you!

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*Individual results may vary

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Key Benefits of Renuvion J-Plasma Treatments

Renuvion J-Plasma in Northern Virginia is becoming more and more popular due to its incredible results. Check out some of the key benefits:

  • Only one treatment required
  • Stimulates collagen at a deeper level
  • Uses only very small pinhole incisions
  • Relatively painless
  • Full recovery within three weeks
  • Progressive results as the skin continues to heal
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Schedule Your Renuvion J-Plasma Consultation

If you’re considering J Plasma skin tightening in Richmond & Washington DC, Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin are happy to have a one-on-one consultation with you to discuss your concerns and expectations.

Both Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin are board certified plastic surgeons with over 25 years of combined experience. They carry a high standard of care and safety while keeping their patients’ aesthetic goals in mind.

Renuvion Cosmetic Technology
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