Roughly 90 percent of women find themselves subject to the so-called “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” effect of cellulite. Thanks to Qwo, the dimple-like cellulite on your buttocks, upper arms, or thighs can finally be a thing of the past.

A closer look at cellulite

To understand how Qwo works and why it works so well, it helps to briefly look at the structure of cellulite. Cellulite is caused by a wide variety of factors including genetic disposition and hormonal fluctuation. Females get it at a much higher rate than males, and for a specific physiological reason.

Beneath the surface of your skin are a series of fibrous bands that connect it to the underlying muscles. These bands tether the skin down in certain areas (but not in others), much like the ropes attached to a parachute or the buttons to a couch. Between these fibrous bands of connective tissue, fatty tissue builds up and pushes or herniates upward. The bands get thicker over time as the skin gets thinner, exacerbating the appearance of cellulite.

QWO Cellulite Treatment Richmond

What are the side effects and what is recovery like?

Patients should expect bruising at injection sites, as well as some itching and tenderness. All side effects of the procedure tend to resolve on their own without requiring additional treatment. Over-the-counter pain medication may be recommended if the soreness is too uncomfortable. Side effects typically disappear on their own within 7 to 21 days.

Side effects are usually the most severe following the first treatment session with Qwo, and get less and less pronounced with each new treatment in the series of three. After each subsequent treatment, side effects also typically clear up faster and faster.

When can I return to work after Qwo?

Qwo injections are followed by no actual downtime or recovery period that will disengage you from work. You should, however, postpone outdoor activities that would traditionally require the use of swimsuits (or exposing parts of the treated area) as the bruising can get pretty obvious.

What areas of the body can Qwo be used in?

Qwo is FDA approved for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Other areas of the body that may benefit from Qwo include the thighs and upper arms, however, these treatments would be off-label uses and done at the discretion of the prescribing practitioner. Additional clinical trials are undergoing to discover the full safety and efficacy of Qwo in areas other than the buttocks.

QWO Cellulite Treatment Richmond

Is Qwo safe?

Yes. Qwo is FDA-approved for use as described here. Its manufacturer also conducted the largest-ever clinical trials on the treatment of cellulite, with trial participants of all weights and skin tones. Qwo is a form of collagenase histolyticum, which has for years been safely used in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and Dupetryenes contracture.

Is Qwo painful?

Most patients find that Qwo injections are less painful than dermal filler or neuromodulator infections done in the face and other parts of the body. Because the buttocks have a larger amount of fatty tissue as well as fewer nerve endings than the face, Qwo is easily tolerated and is less painful than getting Botox or other similar injections.

Am I a candidate for Qwo?

Qwo is best suited to adult women with good skin laxity and dimple-like cellulite in their buttocks. Because the physical make-up of the skin and fibrous septae described earlier is different in males than it is in females, men will likely not benefit from the procedure.

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